Image to Base64

Image to Base64

Welcome to our image to Base64 Encoder, a versatile tool for encoding images using the Base64 encoding scheme.

How It Works

  • Input Image: Select the image that you want to econde
  • View Results: Watch the base64 encoded text appear on the screen after you selected an image.

Base64 Encoding:

Base64 encoding is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that serves as a method to represent binary data in an ASCII string format. This encoding is particularly useful when working with data that needs to be transmitted or stored in a text-based environment, such as email or URLs. By converting binary data into a string of printable characters, Base64 encoding enables the safe and efficient transmission of data without the risk of corruption or loss.

How Base64 Encoding Works

Base64 encoding operates by breaking the input binary data into groups of 3 bytes (24 bits) and then converting each group into a set of four characters from a predefined set of 64 characters. The resulting encoded string consists of characters that are safe to use in various contexts, including URLs and email headers.